Academic History

University of Texas at Austin, class of 2023


HIS 366N (History & Data Tools): In this course, I learned basic Python skills and applied them to historical datasets. I developed my Old Manhattan Synagogues project.
HIS 365G (History of Museums): I studied the pedagogy of and innovation in museums. I created my Historic Black Austin Snapchat tour. I proposed an exhibit at the Austin History Center.
HIS 378W (History Capstone–Inquisition Track): I wrote my capstone on Judaic holidays in the Inquisition-era Iberian world.
HIS 363E (Mapping Latin America): In this course, I analyzed historic and modern maps portraying Latin America.


RHE 328 (Writing for Nonprofits): I learned the premises of technical writing. I developed several mock government documents and nonprofit advertisements. Additionally, I critiqued branding strategies for a local museum.
RHE 330C (Podcasts & Paradigms): I studied the rhetoric of podcasts and created my own podcast.
RHE 330C (Rhetorical Metrics): I learned R and and studied computation’s application to textual analysis.
RHE 330E (Rhetoric of Law): In this course, I learned to apply critical theory to legal development.

Skills Courses

CS 303E (Introduction to Computer Science): In this course, I learned the foundations of Python.
GRG 410C (Spatial and Data Analysis): In this course, I learned about spatial data collection, analysis, and presentation.

Student Technician for the Vice Provost at UT Austin
Using ArcPro and Census data (1880-1940) to map racial inequality in Austin, Texas. Promoted from research assistant to student technician in March 2022. In this position, I help lead a team of four people in performing crucial research. Find more on this work here.
May 2021-Present

Technical Writing Intern at Pivot Engineers
Editing civil engineering reports, assisting in social media/website development, and developing new writing system for engineering colleagues.
January 2021-Present

Contract Speech and Debate Judge for the Texas Forensic Association
Critiquing high school students’ persuasive and informative presentations.
September 2019-March 2021

Speech Consultant and Teaching Assistant at James Bowie HS
Researching complex political topics to improve studet understanding of international affairs.
May 2020-November 2020

Volunteer Work

Student Researcher
Worked at Innovations for Peace and Development geocoding data about law enforcement and race.
August 2021-December 2021 (30 hours)

Debate Coach
Advocated for a gender-equitable debate space and provided accessible coaching to disadvantaged and gender-diverse students.
August 2019-December 2019 (30 hours)

Library Assistant
Managed collections, inventory, and programming at the JBHS library.
January 2019-June 2019 (80 hours)

Digitized and transcribed legal records for FamilySearch.
May 2017-August 2019 (100 hours)

Independent Projects

TxDH February 2022-Ongoing
This is an organization created for students at UT Austin to learn digital skills and apply them to humanities questions. I am a founding officer of this growing organization. Learn more here.

Automated Synagogue Twitter Bot
January 2021-February 2021 (10 hours)
Created @OldShulSpots on Twitter to display historical changes. This project used Google and Twitter APIs and the Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History data. See the Jewish Week’s article on my project here.
Watch the Yiddish Book Center presentation here and the Center for Jewish History presentation here.
Watch the B’nai Brith interview here. See the update information from eJewishPhilanthropy here.

September 2019-May 2020 (30 hours)
Created LGBTeachers at Texas State University for students looking to work in public service.

Skills Summary

Resume - Amy Shreeve